Jack Gadd Fitness
About Me



Ever since a young age I've always been into fitness, improving my physique & myself.

At age 17 I first went into a gym after years of being the "Skinny Kid" at school.

Like many I didn't take it seriously until about 4 years later which was when I entered into my first natural bodybuilding show.

Throughout those years I learnt a tonne about building muscle, dropping body fat & creating successful training programmes.

Fast forward another 2 years...

I've now coached over 100 people towards their physiques goals.



I've helped guys get shredded for beach holidays.

I've helped my clients build lean muscle and improve relationships with training and nutrition.

I'm an aspiring natural bodybuilder who is looking to get to one day reach the top level while helping others achieve their dream physique.

What are you waiting for?