Before I came to Jack there was many things I tried and miserably failed with. I would look on social media and believe everything on there was gospel.. My diet would change from week to week with no structure.

1. Low carbs was best for me
2. Protein and veg
3. No fat as fat is bad
4. Eat every 3hrs
5. Bro food (chicken rice broccoli) which as a roofer eating cold broccoli when it’s minus outside made me heave a few times. I could never stick to it long enough so would binge.

Same went for cardio I was told.
1. I had to do sprints as they are they ultimate fat burning exercise.
2. HIIT everyday
3. Lightweights for reps as that keeps heart rate up. It’s embarrassing actually writing this I believed so much rubbish.

My training was just as bad. Again I believed the hype that was splashed all over social platforms. I am even guilty of purchasing some plans off of some insta “famous” people. They were so awful and generic..
Such basic rubbish that beginners would struggle to see changes off.

Over these last 12/13 weeks i have learnt so much of Jack. He has helped me with understanding macros. My food choices now are so diverse I look forward to every one of my meals. Ice cream, pizza, burgers, bagels, oats. Everything that I was told was bad for me in the past I now eat daily and have no guilt over. Training has been unbelievable and so much more fun. Challenging at times but I love pushing my self and getting my numbers up. If there is something I am not sure about in my programs I message Jack and he gets back to me with a full description within a couple of hours. Overall I couldn’t rate Jack’s services high enough. From his detailed check- ins every week to his knowledge on training/nutrition. Plus he has done it he’s competed so knows what it takes to get in the best condition of your life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my physique as I continue working with Jack.


Before I started working with Jack I had no real direction or guidance in terms of training and personal goals. I had previously finished with another coach and had struggled to build any kind of professional relationship. I often found myself frustrated and confused having to wait days even weeks to get a response as to what I should be doing next. The lack of commitment and overall care to the client was a real problem.
In the past I tried to achieve a goal of getting very lean but it went very badly. I had poor knowledge of training and nutrition and was educating myself based on articles I had read from bodybuilding magazines and various online sources. I was under eating and over training and became obsessed with food which led to developing some extremely unhealthy eating habits. Luckily I managed to get professional help and guidance to guide me back to a much better physical and mental state. The experience taught me valuable lessons I will never forget not only in regards to health and fitness but also life in general.
I could tell Jack was a exceptional coach from the moment we first established contact. He arranged an initial phone call to gain some insight and knowledge about myself which I found very reassuring and welcoming. Jack was extremely professional, diligent and understanding. I could tell he was genuinely interested in helping me to achieve my goals and to help impart his considerable knowledge to help me. I noticed results immediately from the very first weeks we began working together, his approach was calculated and methodical. He would always explain his approach and was easily reachable if I had any questions or queries.
The best part of working with Jack has been his constant support and genuine care in his clients. His passion for helping people to achieve their goals is undeniable and easy to see. His weekly check inns via WhatsApp are always a pleasure to receive and the added bonus of a video feedback adds a touch of professionalism rarely found with many personal trainers these days.
The reassurance knowing that he is reachable if I have any immediate concerns regarding worries and I won’t have to wait days for a response. The attention to detail and overall care he provides to his clients is second to none. The results you can achieve under his guidance speak volumes for his talent and knowledge.
I have had a couple of personal coaches in the past and I can confidently say that Jack is by far the best I have ever worked with. For that reason I feel confident in predicting a very successful long term working relationship together. His laid back, confident yet extremely knowledgeable approach to welcoming you into his program I believe is enough to reassure even the most skeptical and wary of clients. He is great at what he does, his genuine concern for his clients goals and overall health and well-being is a true testament to his character. I am excited to see what the future holds for such a passionate, selfless, dedicated entrepreneur.